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When you choose to place your trust in us, we take that responsibility seriously. When you work with us, it will always be about YOU. We pledge to take the time to understand what's important to you, be honest with you throughout the search process, and advocate for you and your interests.

We want to be your partner throughout your career.

For Jobseekers

Do you feel stagnant in your career, underchallenged or underappreciated? It may be time to explore opportunities that will elevate your career satisfaction!

For Employers

Are you frustrated by receiving applications from underqualified candidates, or worse yet, not receiving applicants at all? Are you losing candidates to competing employers or counter offers? We can help!

"Jeanette is my go to recruiter."

"I first met Jeanette 10 years ago when she acted as my recruiter. Jeanette did an excellent job of providing me with some great opportunities then, and as a result, Jeanette is my go to recruiter whenever I need to source new candidates to fill various accounting, financial analyst, or treasury analyst roles. Jeanette has filled at least five positions for me, and in each case, had provided me with a very qualified pool of candidates, only after completely understanding who exactly I am looking for. Jeanette is very knowledgeable of the industry, of the Southern California market and has an incredible network."

Ryan, Chief Financial Officer

"I would recommend Jeanette without hesitation."

"Jeanette is the most professional and motivated recruiter I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She is incredibly well networked in the community and really understands how to motivate even the most passive candidate. I would recommend Jeanette without hesitation."

Josh, Head of HR Operations & HR Systems

"I would trust only Jeanette to find me the best career opportunity."

"Jeanette is a tireless recruiter with an incredible ability to match an applicant with a great employment opportunity. She accomplishes this by listening intently to both the applicant and the potential employer to understand precisely the desires of both. I had been looking to switch from an accounting to a finance path, and Jeanette was able to quickly arrange interviews with a company that provided a great opportunity. What puts Jeanette a level or two above all other recruiters is that she will not just place you with a company, she will find you a great opportunity at the right company. In an often challenging employment environment for job-seekers, I would trust only Jeanette to find me the best career opportunity."

Eric, Senior Finance Manager

"Because she took the time to understand our needs, we ended up hiring these candidates and they turned out to be terrific employees."

"Jeanette has provided us with several qualified candidates. She was able to understand our needs and the type of candidates we were looking for. In fact on a couple of occasions she presented candidates that didn't seem to be a fit on paper, and convinced me to speak to them. Because she took the time to understand our needs, we ended up hiring these candidates and they turned out to be terrific employees."

George, Chief Financial Officer

"Jeanette definitely made the difference for me. I could not recommend her highly enough."

"Coming from the UK getting hired in the America was an uphill struggle. Negotiating the company job sites where only US credentials could be entered meant that hiring manager never even got to see my resume. Jeanette definitely made the difference for me.

Jeanette is a unique recruiter in my experience. The vast majority of her peers in the industry recruit on a cookie-cutter basis; only an identical work history to a role is entertained. Jeanette looks at the business-model of the company she is recruiting for and makes connections across industries to match the best candidate. It is this out of the box thinking and her ability to convey enthusiasm for a candidate to the hiring manager that has secured me my last two jobs. I could not recommend her highly enough."

Phillip, VP of Finance & Accounting

"As a tenured Recruiter, Jeanette bridges gaps, offers solutions, and delivers on her commitments."

"As a colleague, Jeanette set the bar for performance and results within our team. She exemplified professionalism, candor, and commitment to her clients and candidates. Jeanette views her career as more than just a job and has been successful at her role as a result of her solid relationships. As a tenured Recruiter, Jeanette bridges gaps, offers solutions, and delivers on her commitments. She measures her success beyond her bottom line contributions to the organization, but also by the satisfaction of her clients and the career progression of her candidates."

Diwata, Senior Leadership Recruiter

"Every now and then, I smile and think of her as I enjoy my dream job."

"I first met Jeanette in 2005 after moving to San Diego. I was looking to be placed in an accounting manager position. In the process of looking for a position, I realized that I wanted to work part time and be home with our kids. I ended up taking a very part time bookkeeping position for a small business owner. Even though I wasn't placed in a position by Jeanette, she checked in with me every year or two to see if I was interested in working full time again. Fast forward to seven years later, an amazing position at a non-profit became available. Jeanette thought of me because she knew that I had a great desire to work in the non-profit arena. She was able to get me an interview and that's how I am in my current position today. Jeanette was thorough, kind, smart and persistent. Every now and then, I smile and think of her as I enjoy my dream job at a non-profit. Thank you Jeanette for your expertise and persistence!"

Jennifer, Controller

"If not for her guidance I would have hired someone who wasn't the correct fit."

"We retained Jeanette to help fill a finance position at our company. Not only did she provide a strong group of highly qualified candidates in a timely manner, but Jeanette thoroughly understood our company's needs and the type of person who would best fit. She brought up many points and issues I'd not considered and even reached out to a potential candidate who wasn't actively looking. If not for her guidance I would have hired someone who wasn't the correct fit. As the President of our company said, Jeanette more than earned her fee."

Michelle, Vice President of Finance

Your Resume Doesn't Tell The Story Of You.

Our team takes the time to learn who you are, not just what you do. We want to know what matters to you, what motivates you, and what will bring you greater career satisfaction. We leverage our strong industry reputation and network, in-depth knowledge of our client companies' management philosophy, culture, and career paths to help connect you to the company that provides the perfect career opportunity for you!

Free career consultation

Schedule a free meeting with our experienced recruiting team who will review your background, learn your career goals, help you identify the next best step

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in your career, market value, and discuss potential opportunities with you. Each meeting is personalized to you, and may include resume assistance, interview preparation, and advice to improve your current employment situation.

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Facilitating interviews

Our team will help secure interviews for you only for opportunities that match your career desires. We know your time is valuable and it

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takes time to properly vet companies and opportunities to ensure that they can provide the challenge, environment, management, career path, and benefits you seek before scheduling an interview. We will provide you detailed information and preparation for each interview to ensure you have the best interview possible!

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Interview Debriefing

After an interview, our team will debrief with you to discuss your feedback, address questions you may have, and discuss potential next steps.

Negotiating Offer

Upon determination of a good mutual match, our team will help negotiate for the best possible compensation package for you factoring in job responsibilities, market

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conditions, your education and experience, company benefits, and long term career path. Because of our strong relationships with our clients, we eliminate surprises and help you avoid the sometimes uncomfortable salary negotiation process.

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It's Like Having Your Own, Personal Talent Pool.

The best candidates for your opportunities are likely not actively seeking an employment change. Candidates who are dedicated high performers are usually well paid and valued...and hard to recruit.

We take the time to understand your company, culture, management philosophy, goals, and career opportunities for the new hire, and identify a matching candidate profile. We do not just post jobs and wait for resumes. We take a proactive approach to recruit "hidden" candidates who are not actively looking for a new job. Our strong network and extensive experience gives us the credibility to get an audience, the ability to tell your story, and motivate potential candidates for you. We facilitate interviews in your office or ours, provide helpful insight prior to the interviews and valuable feedback after interviews, and help you shape an offer that will be accepted. Our success is measured by more than the placement. We measure our success by the positive impact made by the employee we place as your business and the employee's career grows. And we will be beside you every step of the way.

Connecting Companies with Top Talent is Our Top Talent.